Hello & welcome.  My name is Dr. Pam Purcell and I am your women’s health coach.


Well, I am a women and I care about you. I know you care about your health and I am here to help. We all develop health issues and need support through them. Whether it is menopause, fertility or the mental emotional  states that come with both, I can help you, help yourself.

Programs are designed by you for you.


Thriving Menopause                                                                                                Welcome Baby

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I work uniquely and creatively with women to get your needs met. Whether it be assistance with menopause  or your  journey into motherhood.

Perhaps you need help with something in the middle – but is very much a women’s heath issue. Working with your own needs has never been easier. This progressive and inclusive coaching system puts you in the driver seat and in control of your own health journey. If you are motivated to help yourself. Contact me today for your free consultation.